"Culture is what remains when all else is forgotten"
EMILE HENRIOT             ​


We believe in eclectic motions. The more transversal the projects, the better we feel in our creativity because we love to interconnect them.

It is like when you look up in the sky and get your attention caught by one imposing constellation...It took several stars to shine altogether to make it brilliant. 


OGWeekender 2013

First Afro House Music Festival in West Africa in November 2013 in Dakar (Senegal).  

with TchoubTchoub Senegalize

W. Expo

The international exposition of the hip-hop collective's most iconic items ...

by Trendeez

Souly Lives

When music is one self-trip into your soul


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Teranga Jam 

Cultural diplomacy based programme and medium at the intersection of music, performing arts and advocacy. 

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E 4 A

Entertainment 4 Awareness: the entertainment leg of Billion Bottle Challenge worldwide campaign.

with Groupe Senghor

Daughters Of A Gun

A collaborative creative project bringing West African and East European finest together 

With Lega Sign